Blackberry wine bottle and 2 glasses.

Blackberry wine bottle and 2 glasses.


Cordage made with nettles fibers.

After a long day of foraging, it's always good to relax a little and listen to some relaxing music. And of course, you also need some blackberry wine. But you can use this with your favorite boozy (or not) beverage.


Made with a mix of unprocessed local wild clay (Valyermo – Southern California) and clay from Duluth Minnesota. The collected clay is reduced into powder using my stone grinder (Molcajete) then water is added to reach the right consistency and make the clay workable.

Homemade transparent and white glaze. Clay is colored with various iron oxides.

The bottle will hold 3 1/2 cups of water, a bit more than 750ml so it's medium size.

Diameter 5 inches (Around 12 cm)
Height 6.5 Inches (Around 15.5 cm)

Weight (with glasses): 2 pounds (902 gr)


Fired 3 times at cone 03 (2014 °F – 1100 °C) using my electric kiln. Glasses were pit fired.


Don't forget to read the section about pottery care.




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