Colorado Wild Food Soup Bowl

Colorado Wild Food Soup Bowl


Beautiful bowl made with clay foraged near Boulder Colorado mixed with Mojave Desert Clay.  Glazed inside and partly glazed outside. 


One of my favorite bowl so far. Beautiful texture created by stones present in the unprocessed clay. The collected clay is reduced into powder using my stone grinder (Molcajete), water is added to reach the right consistency and make the clay workable.


Mixed techniques - Handbuild and wheel. 


Fired at 2100 F using my portable electric kiln. This bowl was fired twice. 


Transparent and white glaze made with natural ingredients (Non-toxic)


Diameter: 5 1/4 inches - 13 cm

Height: 2.75 inches - 7 cm

Weight: 13 ounces - 370 g


Don't forget to read the section about pottery care.




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