Small rustic fermentation crock, pint jar size (1/2 liter).

Small rustic fermentation crock, pint jar size (1/2 liter).


I view this more as an artistic display piece than functional. It’s a prototype I made to figure out how to make crocks using local wild clay. That said, it’s workable and I’ve made a couple of wild ferments with it though but due to the size, you need to supervise the ferment daily, change the water on top, etc..


I’ll make more of those crocks in a bigger size for the next collection but, from an artistic perspective, it’s kind of cool to have this prototype if you are interested, I was thinking of keeping it for my personal collection and continue fermenting small batches of hot sauces made with wild ingredients.

Made with local wild clay (Southern California) - homemade transparent glaze and Iron oxides for the exterior and homemade white glaze inside.

I had to fire this one 3 times in my electric kiln at 2000F to make it waterproof inside, happens often with the local wild clay - it's definitely not as smooth as commercial clays.

I like the rough texture, it looks like the land from which the clay came from - harsh desert land which had a massive burn in 2020.