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Wild Brew Fermentation Vessel

Wild Brew Fermentation Vessel


One of the vessels I use to make some of my ancestral brews.  It’s an unusual design and slightly whimsical although it’s workable.


Willow stick on top, the bow creates pressure so not too much oxygen will enter the vessel.

One layer of cloth dyed with pinecone ink between the top and the vessel. This creates a better seal.


Method for this type of brewing is explained in my book “The Wildcrafting Brewer”, you need to stir the content daily.


White glaze inside and transparent glaze outside.


Wild clay from Southern California (Valyermo). The collected clay is reduced into powder using my stone grinder (Molcajete) then water is added to reach the right consistency and make the clay workable.


Hand build – Mixed techniques: Pinched and coil


Fired 3 times at cone 03 (2014 °F – 1100 °C) using my electric kiln.


Diameter: 6 inches (15 cm)

Height: 9 inches (22.5 cm)

Weight: 4 pounds (1820 gr)



Don't forget to read the section about pottery care.




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