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Wildcrafted Ceramics is an artistic exploration of the landscape by renowned wild food expert and bestselling author Pascal Baudar. Started as a simple vision to make unique dishware for this culinary creations, overtime the endeavor of collecting and creating with wild clay became an important personal connection with the earth

Using unprocessed wild clay, each created object is unique due to the inherent impurities and simple tools used. The end result is often rough, primitive, imperfect and yet beautiful - A true representation of the land and a testament to a specific time and place. Each piece has a story to tell. 

"There is a bit of magic happening when you create a dish

and the plants you are using grew from the same earth as the dishware.

It's full circle". 

The Nomadic Potter

2021 is a year of exploration. I decided to embrace a more nomadic lifestyle for the next few years. I just spent 7 months travelling through 8 different states. 


My goal is to explore a cuisine based on wild plants and traditional food preservation techniques that is not just sustainable but beneficial to the environment. The primary focus will be on the culinary uses of invasive and non-native plants, making food as part of the solutions.

As part of the process of working closely with the earth, I intend to create much more with various local wild clays as I travel all over North America and connect with fellow ceramists who share similar goals. A lot of my original inspiration came from Neolithic European pottery and over time I've slowly created my own style which continues to evolve. 

So far I have collected clay from Utah, Wyoming, Minnesota, Missouri and Colorado. 

All my pottery equipment  travels with me. Aside from simple tools, I also use an Aspire tabletop wheel and a small electric kiln for testing clay/glazes while on the road.  Most of my creations use mixed techniques or completely handmade.


Born 20 june 1961 in Tournai, Belgium.


Studied Drawing/painting, ceramics and photography at The Academy Of Fine Arts - Tournai.

20 years as a freelance creative director and graphic artist 

Currently a writer, naturalist and a self-styled “culinary alchemist” based in Los Angeles.  My passion is to study wild edibles and research new culinary uses through ancient and traditional methods of food preservation as well as contemporary cooking techniques.  I also did the Master Food Preserving / Food Safety Advisor program at the University of California in 2011.


From 2011 to 2015, I worked as a wildcrafter and traditional food preserver with many of the top chefs in Los Angeles -  Ludo Lefebvre, Niki Nakayama (N/Naka restaurant), Michael Voltaggio and many more.


I also served served as a wild food consultant for several TV shows including MasterChef and Top Chef Duels. He has been featured in numerous TV shows and publications, including Time magazine, the Los Angeles Times, L.A. Weekly, and the New York Times.


Named one of the 25 most influential tastemakers in L.A. by Los Angeles magazine in 2014 and in 2017 as offering one of the most innovative culinary classes.


I've written three books: The New Wildcrafted Cuisine, The Wildcrafting Brewer and Wildcrafted Fermentation (Feb 2020). All books became Amazon bestsellers in several categories. I'm currently working on a 4th book about wildcrafted vinegars and preserves. 


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